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How to load a YANG data model into YumaBench

I successfully started a session from YumaBench to my device (which is a Clixon NETCONF server running a small test YANG data model).

In the "configuration" tab of my "session" window, I only see one word "config"; I cannot click on it and drill down into the configurable attributes of my YANG data model).

I suspect that this is because YumaBench doesn't "know" my data model. In other NETCONF browsers (e.g. MG-Soft) there is the ability to load a YANG data model. Do I need to do that in YumaBench, and if so, how?

I tried using SDK -> Code -> SIL -> Module, but I could not find a way to load a YANG data model.

Note: when I go to the "Monitoring" tab in the session window, I do see the full YANG data model hierarchy (probably because it is just displaying the XML that it gets back from the NETCONF server)

Modules cannot be added in YumaBench.

The server should advertise the YANG modules it implements using the NETCONF <hello> message

and the YANG Library. YumaBench uses the /modules-state information to automatically load modules

that the server advertises or lists in the /modules-state subtree.

Try "show session" in the command window to see what YANG modules have been loaded for the session.

Hello, I have the same "problem" and was wondering if you found a solution. Could you share how you fixed it or if you are still seeking help? Thank you for your time.

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