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How to load a YANG data model into YumaBench

I successfully started a session from YumaBench to my device (which is a Clixon NETCONF server running a small test YANG data model).

In the "configuration" tab of my "session" window, I only see one word "config"; I cannot click on it and drill down into the configurable attributes of my YANG data model).

I suspect that this is because YumaBench doesn't "know" my data model. In other NETCONF browsers (e.g. MG-Soft) there is the ability to load a YANG data model. Do I need to do that in YumaBench, and if so, how?

I tried using SDK -> Code -> SIL -> Module, but I could not find a way to load a YANG data model.

Note: when I go to the "Monitoring" tab in the session window, I do see the full YANG data model hierarchy (probably because it is just displaying the XML that it gets back from the NETCONF server)

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Modules cannot be added in YumaBench.

The server should advertise the YANG modules it implements using the NETCONF <hello> message

and the YANG Library. YumaBench uses the /modules-state information to automatically load modules

that the server advertises or lists in the /modules-state subtree.

Try "show session" in the command window to see what YANG modules have been loaded for the session.

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