The netconfd-pro server does not required any changes and settings to work with ODL or any other tool if the tool is following RFC correctly. The netconfd-pro fully compliant with NETCONF RFC and all standards that specify connection procedure. 

Connection Error

The ODL version starting from 0.12.2 Magnesium implements incorrect connection procedures as a result the ODL cannot parse and identify well-formed hello message from netconfd-pro. 

These versions of ODL ignores capability exchange and sends GET on netconf-state before it obtains all the schemas that are listed in capability exchange.

ODL is supposed to read capability message and figure out what schemas it has and what should be obtained with help of get-schema before it sends any GET request.


1. Use ODL karaf-0.8.4-Oxygen version that does not have this issue.

2. Some versions of ODL may resolve the issue if you restart the server.

There might be an issue on the first connect attempt since ODL does not send get-schema request for the modules that it founds in Hello message capabilities right away. Instead it sends GET request on /netconf-state and only after that ODL tries to resolve the capabilities.
In this case restart the netconfd-pro server to re-connect or wait until ODL tries another attempt to connect to the netconfd-pro server.
Or preload all the modules you want to use to $ODL_INSTALL_DIR/bin/karaf/cache/schemas

3. If the above does not help, in order to resolve this malfunctioning in ODL the netconfd-pro can be configured to simplify the hello message so the ODL can parse it. Use one of the following CLI parameters:


For netconfd-pro 21.10-6+ versions: