For customers with a source code license the easiest way might be to build the server with extra debugging:

   make <normal FLAGS> DEBUG=1 DEBUG2=1

You can also alter the way netconf-subsystem-pro is launched

in the sshd_config file:

   netconf-subsystem-pro : default usage for SSH

   netconf-subsystem-pro -f file | -filename file : set the trace file

   netconf-subsystem-pro -t level | -trace level : set the trace level

   netconf-subsystem-pro -p proto | -protocol proto : set the protocol

If -t=3 (trace-level=3) is used, then you will get a separate trace file

for each session instead of deleting them as the session closes.

You will see files in the /tmp directory, like /tmp/subsys-err.8456.log

The PID number of the process will be used for the number part.

These files are used by default if no -f option is given