NETCONF 1.0 (RFC 4741) was published in December 2006. NETCONF 1.1 (RFC 6241) was published in June 2011.

The main differences between 1.1 and 1.0 are:

  • Added the "malformed-message" error-tag
  • Added "remove" enumeration value to the "operation" attribute
  • Obsoleted the "partial-operation" error-tag enumeration value
  • Added <persist> and <persist-id> parameters to the <commit> operation
  • Updated the base protocol URI and clarified the <hello> message exchange to select and identify the base protocol version in use for a particular session
  • Added a YANG module to model the operations and removed the operation layer from the XSD
  • Clarified lock behavior for the candidate datastore
  • Clarified the error response server requirements for the "delete" enumeration value of the "operation" attribute
  • Added a namespace wildcarding mechanism for subtree filtering
  • Added a "test-only" value for the <test-option> parameter to the <edit-config> operation
  • Added a <cancel-commit> operation
  • Introduced a NETCONF username and a requirement for transport protocols to explain how a username is derived