The <edit-config> operation can be invoked from the yangcli-pro command line.

The contents of the <config> element can be stored in an XML file

edit-config target=candidate config=@my-data.xml

The XML file (e.g., my-data.xml) needs to be located in the data path used by yangcli-pro.

The default location is the $HOME/data directory

The contents of this file are the child nodes of the <config> container. E.g., set /int8.1 = 9

<int8.1  xmlns="">9</int8.1>

By default, yangcli-pro will parse this XML file and match it to known objects for the current session.

If successful, then an <edit-config> operation will be sent:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rpc message-id="1"

If the XML file does not contain a valid XML instance document that yangcli-pro can parse, the operation will fail.

Invalid XML in this case includes:

  • multiple top-level elements
  • elements unknown to the server
  • invalid XML syntax (such as a missing end tag)

In order to send this type of XML file the raw XML mode must be used

> $$use-rawxml = true

System variable set


> edit-config target=candidate config=@my-data.xml