Each system event is saved to the notification replay buffer for the NETCONF event stream.

The <replayComplete> and <notificationComplete> notifications are not saved to this buffer because they are subscription-specific events, and not system events.

Each event stream has its own replay buffer. The size of each replay buffer is controlled by the --eventlog-size configuration parameter. The default size is 1000 events.

The oldest event will be deleted when a new event is added, when this limit is reached. If --eventlog-size is set to zero, then there will be no replayed notifications available, and the <replayComplete> notification will be sent right away, if <startTIme> is present. Each event in the replay buffer is assigned a sequential sequence ID, starting from 1. Each event stream has its own sequence ID counter. Values are only specific to one event stream and will be duplicated in each event stream.

The <sequence-id> leaf is an unsigned 32-bit integer, which is added to the <notification> element, after the event element.  This sequence can be used to debug filters by comparing the sequence IDs of the notifications that were delivered against the expected sequence IDs.  This leaf is only added to each notification if the agt_notif_sequence_id flag is set to 'true' in the agt_profile_t structure for the server.  By default, this flag is set to 'false'.