These links should help you get started learning about programming with YumaPro APIs.

Server APIs

The API Quickstart has an overview of most the server callback interfaces.

A callback function has to be registered at init time and unregistered at cleanup time.

These details are specified in the YumaPro Server Overview:

API Overview

There are many callbacks that are available during an edit transaction on the server. This includes server boot-time

transferring all NV-stored YANG configuration to the SIL and SIL-SA callbacks. It also includes all run-time edits done

by a client protocol or a DB-API subsystem edit.

Getting Started With Callbacks

The yp-system library allows many system-level APIs to be added to the server at boot-time. These APIs are not related to specific YANG objects.

YumaPro yp-system API Guide

Client APIs

The yp-shell program within the server can be programmed with custom CLI show commands, using the yp-show library.

YumaPro yp-show API Guide

The yp-client library can be used to create simple C++ client applications using yangcli-pro session features.

NETCONF over SSH and NETCONF over TLS sessions can be managed, and yangcli-pro functionality accessed from a custom C++ program.

YumaPro ypclient-pro Manual

YumaWorks documentation is freely available on our website: YumaPro SDK Documentation.