• This error indicates that the server datastores are not set or not accessible at the moment.


  • Connection to the server succeeds, but no datastore contents can be accessed
  • yangcli-pro "show session" contains a line indicating the YANG library URI is not found
  • a <get> or <get-config> error fails with a 'wrong config state' error-message

rpc-reply {
  rpc-error {
    error-type protocol
    error-tag operation-failed
    error-severity error
    error-app-tag no-access
    error-message 'wrong config state'
    error-info {
      error-number 302

Possible Cause

The server is waiting for subsystem to register for an unknown bundle.

  • If a SIL library is not found by the main server then it will assume that a SIL-SA subsystem will register for this bundle.  The server cannot load the startup config or even the YANG modules because the contents of the bundle are not pre-registered.

  • The server log will contain a line about skipping load_running_config.
    Even though the log says "ready for sessions" the datastores are not active.
    RPC operations that do not access the datastores will continue to function in this mode.

Got number file value '2577'
agt: Waiting SIL-SA: skipping load_running_config
ncx: Adding Mod load callback to slot 1
ncx: Adding Mod unload callback to slot 0
netconfd-pro init OK, ready for sessions


Use the --wait-datastore-ready CLI parameter in the netconfd-pro command line or config file.

This parameter causes the server to reject client sessions unless the datastore is ready.  Use this mode carefully since

> netconfd-pro --wait-datastore-ready=true --bundle=mybundle

If a client attempts a connection then the SSH or TLS session may be started but the NETCONF session will be closed immediately.  The following example shows a yangcli-pro connection failure:

> run connect

ses: session 3 shut by remote peer
yangcli-pro: Start session failed for user andy on localhost (operation failed)