YumaWorks publishes new software release on the third Thursday of each month.

Customers will receive an email notification with release notes attached when a release is published.

This email is sent to the mailing list yumapro-release@yumaworks.com. 

If you need to add email addresses to this list to receive YumaPro SDK release announcements, then contact

support@yumaworks.com and request to be added to the "yumapro-release" mailing list.

Once a new release is published, customers can simply login to YumaWorks' secure download site to download the desired packages.

Here is a link to YumaWorks secure download site:


To login to our secure download site you will need the username and password assigned to your company's account.

If you forgot, misplaced, or need to access these credentials for the first time, please consult with your company to find out what credentials have been assigned.

If necessary you may contact support@yumaworks.com and provide the following:

Full Name

Company Name

Job Title