user@localhost> create /toaster

Filling container /toaster:
RPC Error Reply 2 for session 3 [default]:

rpc-reply {
  rpc-error {
    error-type protocol
    error-tag access-denied
    error-severity error
    error-app-tag no-access
    error-message 'access denied'
    error-info {
      error-number 267

NACM is Enabled By Default

The access-denied error #267 is the expected behavior of netconfd-pro because the NETCONF Access Control Model (NACM) is enabled by default.

By default the access-control parameter is set to "enforcing", which means that unless a user has permission to write to an object that user will be denied access. To avoid seeing access-denied errors you can set access-control to "off" temporarily.

To allow yourself to create freely on the server you should use the superuser parameter. Then you can configure NACM groups, users and rules for future use, or you can simply evaluate our tools as the superuser, it is up to you. For a more complete explanation please see our Solution Article "How do I control user access to server content?"