Most of the yangcli-pro and yp-shell CLI configuration parameters can be set at run-time as system variables.

(Try "show system" to see the system variable current settings.  See below)

Setting system variables and global variables is done the same way, so you need to spell the variable name carefully.

(Tab completion also can be used to auto-complete the available variables)

When s system variable is set, the response will include the text "System variable set".

Example: display-mode set correctly:

> $$display-mode = json

System variable set



Example: display-mode misspelled and new global variable set instead:

> $$display-mod = json


> show globals

Global variables

  display-mod json


The "show system" command will display the read-only and read-write system variables separately:

> show system

Read-only environment variables

  HOME /home/andy
  LANG en_US.UTF-8
  PWD /home/andy
  SHELL /bin/bash
  USER andy
  YUMAPRO_HOME /home/andy/swdev/ypwork/netconf

Read-write system variables

  aliases-file ~/.yumapro/.yangcli_pro_aliases
  alt-names true
  ask-password true
  auto-keepalive false
  auto-reconnect true
  auto-reconnect-interval 10
  auto-reconnect-max 5
  autoaliases true
  autocomp true
  autoconfig false
  autoconfig-conf-mode true
  autodevices true
  autohistory true
  autoload true
  autoload-cache true
  autoload-get true
  autoload-save-cache true
  autonotif false
  autonvsave true
  autosessions true
  autotest true
  autousers true
  autouservars true
  bad-data check
  check-output true
  check-output-error false
  check-replies true
  check-replies-error false
  config-autosave true
  config-edit-mode level
  default-operation merge
  display-mode plain
  echo-notif-loglevel debug
  echo-notifs true
  echo-replies true
  encoding none
  error-option none
  fixorder true
  ignore-missing-vars false
  indent 2
  keepalive-interval 4
  log-level info
  match-names one-nocase
  message-indent -1
  optional false
  prompt-type normal
  save-session-vars true
  script-input true
  ssl-fallback-ok false
  test-option set
  test-suite-file ~/.yumapro/yangcli_pro_tests.conf
  time-rpcs false
  time-rpcs-stats false
  time-rpcs-stats-file ~/yangcli_pro_rpc_stats.txt
  timeout 30
  use-data-templates true
  use-rawxml false
  use-session-vars true
  use-traceid false
  use-xmlheader true
  user andy
  uservars-file ~/.yumapro/yangcli_pro_uservars.xml
  with-defaults none