There are two methods to remove the YumaPro SDK binaries and all associated files:

1. If you have installed a binary version of YumaPro SDK use your system's packaging application to remove YumaPro SDK the way you would remove any other package. The package name to remove is the name at the beginning of the package. For example:

file name:  yumapro-sdk-basic-20.10-12.2.u2004.amd64.deb  or  yumapro-sdk-basic-20.10-12.2.fc34.x86_64.rpm

package name: yumapro-sdk-basic

In Ubuntu you can remove the package yumapro-sdk-basic with:

   sudo dpkg --purge yumapro-sdk-basic

In Fedora you would remove the package with:

    sudo rpm -e yumapro-sdk-basic

2. If you have installed YumaPro SDK from source code use the "uninstall" option with make. Make sure you use the same flags that you used to install the SDK in the uninstall procedure.

For instance if you installed YumaPro SDK with:

   sudo make EVERYTHING=1 DEBUG=1 DEBUG2=1 USE_WERROR=1 install

to uninstall simply use the same flags with:

   sudo make EVERYTHING=1 DEBUG=1 DEBUG2=1 USE_WERROR=1 uninstall

For additional make targets see FAQ: What standard make variables and targets are supported?