The netconfd-pro server is designed to be modular so that various protocols and features can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.

Many features have both source code and CLI parameter controls of various code components.

The source code control must be enabled for the CLI parameter control to have any affect.

For example, the WITH_RESTCONF=1 build parameter has to be used when building the server image

in order for the --with-restconf CLI parameter to have any effect.

Refer to the YumaPro Developers Manual for details on building the server source code.

Note that the following types of parameters are described elsewhere:

  • Parameters to load and configure YANG modules and bundles
  • Parameters to configure a server to contact CallHome servers
  • Parameters to configure a YP-HA Pool
  • Logging Parameters
  • YP-CoAP Protocol Parameters
  • YANG Compiler Warning Control Parameters 

The following table includes the CLI parameter, default value, and descriptions for netconfd-pro features:

CLI Parameter    
Default Value
enforcing Configure the NETCONF Access Control (NACM) Enforcement Mode
false Enable the 'delete-all' and 'remove-all' edit operations for YANG leaf-lists
N/A Specify user names allowed to establish management sessions
false Enable the 'delete-all' and 'remove-all' edit operations for YANG lists
/etc/yumapro/netconfd-pro.conf Specify the CLI configuration parameter file to use
true Handle NP containers according to YANG 1.1 rules
explicit Specifies the type of default handling the server should use for YANG leafs and leaf-lists
1000 Configure the NETCONF Notification Replay Buffer Size
N/A Load the factory default configuration at boot-time
false Enable the YP-HA protocol
600 Specify how long the server should wait to receiver a <hello> message from a client
N/A Override the $HOME environment variable
3600 Specify how long a NETCONF session can be idle before it is dropped
false Enable YANG Library Mode
10 Specify the maximum number of notifications to send at once to a single session
8 Specify the maximum number of concurrent server sessions
10 Specify the maximum number of YANG list entries to request in one GET2 callback
-1 Specify the indentation level for protocol messages
N/A Add a vendor--specific capability URI to NETCONF <hello> messages
N/A Do not use any configuration parameter files (e.g., /etc/yumapro/netconfd-pro.conf)
N/A Disable built-in NV-storage (e.g, startup-cfg.xml) and use internal APIs instead
N/A Do not load the NV-stored YANG configuration file, but save it if data is added
N/A Disable the ypwatcher program that restarts netconfd-pro if it crashes
830 Specify the TCP ports to listen for NETCONF sessions
netconf1.0, netconf1.1 Specify which NETCONF protocol versions to enable
N/A Add a vendor-specific capability URI to the RESTCONF capability list
json Specify the default message encoding (XML or JSON) if the client does not specify a preference
http://localhost Specify the URL base string for RESTCONF Location headers
false Require correct Accept and ContentType headers according the RESTCONF standard
stop Specify how the server should handle an invalid <running> datastore at boot-time
false Enable client owner ID tracking for configuration data
server1 Specify the server ID string (Required for YP-HA)
false Specify whether a module can be loaded without any SIL library found
N/A Specify whether SIL callbacks should be skipped at boot-time
true Disable SIL validate callbacks for <candidate> datastore, except for <commit> operation
--socket-address Specify the IPv4 or IPv6 address to listen for internal messages, if socket-type is 'tcp'
2023 Specify the TCP port to listen for internal messages, if socket-type is 'tcp'
aflocal Specify the socket type to listen for internal messages
startup-cfg.xml Specify the XML file to NV-store YANG configuration data
stop Specify how the server should handle an invalid NV-storage configuration, before server initialization
30 Specify how long to wait for subsystem responses
N/A Specify the user name that is exempt from NACM enforcement
candidate Specify whether the <candidate> or <running> datastore is allowed for the <edit-config> target
10 Specify how often the ypwatcher program should check if netconfd-pro is alive
false Enable the NETCONF CallHome protocol
true Enable the NETCONF protocol
true Enable NETCONF Notifications
false Enable Posix Expression pattern processing for OpenConfig YANG modules
true Enable the RESTCONF protocol
false Enable the SNMP protocol
false Enable the <startup> datastore
true Enable the <url> parameter in NETCONF <copy-config> operations
true Enable the NETCONF <validate> operation
false Allow <error-severity> to be set to 'warning'
false Enable the YANG-API protocol (Deprecated)
false Specify whether strict YANG 1.1 <hello> message is sent
true Enable the yp-shell (CLI) protocol