The netconfd-pro, yangcli-pro, and yp-shell programs can all generate their own data files.

There are 2 types of data files:

  • Persistent Data: Files such as the startup-cfg.xml for netconfd-pro or .yangcli_pro_aliases which are maintained after the program exits
  • Temporary Data: Files such as the yangcli-pro session-specific YANG modules, which are expected to be deleted immediately after use.

The following files and directories are used by netconfd-pro:

  • backups: directory used to store backup configurations made with the <backup> operation
  • factory-startup-cfg.xml: read-only YANG configuration to use when booting with the --factory-startup CLI parameter
  • startup-cfg-txid.txt: Latest transaction ID used by the server at boot-time to set next transaction ID
  • startup-cfg.xml: Current stored YANG configuration derived from the <running> or <startup> datastore
  • ch_sshd_config.ch1: CallHome sshd configuration file used for a callhome server (e.g., 'ch1')

The following files and directories are used by yangcli-pro and yp-shell:

  • recordtest: directory used to store internal data files for the test suite functionality
  • tmp: directory to store all session-specific sub-directories
  • .yangcli_cache: directory to cache YANG modules learned with the <get-schema> operation
  • .yangcli_aliases: command aliases file
  • .yangcli_history: libtecla command line history file
  • .yangcli_pro_sessions.conf: Configured sessions file
  • .yangcli_pro_users.conf: Configured users file
  • yangcli_pro_uservars.xml: Configured user variables file

$HOME/.yumapro Directory

Both types of data are usually stored in the directory named $HOME/.yumapro.

The --home CLI parameter or HOME environment variable is used to determine the actual location of $HOME.

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) [17.10 and newer]

If the --fileloc-fhs CLI parameter is set to 'true' then folders will be created under the /var/ directory to store data, instead of the $HOME/.yumapro directory.