Most YANG modules and corresponding SIL code are loaded at run-time with the --module and --bundle parameters.

However, there are some YANG modules that are required for RFC conformance or server operation, so they are built into the server code.

Top-Level Data NodeYANG ModuleRFCDescription
<modules-state>ietf-yang-libraryRFC 7895
YANG Module Inventory for the server. Required for YANG conformance information for RESTCONF and all YANG 1.1 modules.
<nacm>ietf-netconf-acmRFC 6536
NETCONF Access Control Model (NACM) for all protocols. Required for NACM conformance. Configuration also supported. Enforcement enabled by default. Retrieval for superuser only by default.
<netconf>nc-notificationsRFC 5277
NETCONF Streams supported by the server for use with <create-subscription>. Required for NETCONF Notifications conformance.
<netconf-state>ietf-netconf-monitoringRFC 6022
NETCONF Protocol information. Required for NETCONF Monitoring conformance    
<restconf-state>ietf-restconf-monitoringRFC 8040
RESTCONF Protocol information. Required for RESTCONF Protocol conformance
<system>yuma-systemNetconf Central
Yuma System Monitoring module. Not required for conformance. This module will be replaced soon by the IETF version in RFC 7317