The netconf-system-pro program is a thin client that is called by the northbound protocol handlers (sshd, httpd) to communicate with the netconfd-pro process. The log file for this program can contain error information and trace the decrypted data buffers that are being sent between the ssd and netconfd-pro processes.

Normally a logfile is not produced for this program.

The netconf-system-pro program is configured in /etc/ssh/sshd_config for NETCONF over SSH sessions.

Subsystem netconf /usr/sbin/netconf-subsystem-pro

The netconf-subsystem-pro program will accept some command line parameters:

   netconf-subsystem : default usage for SSH
   netconf-subsystem -f file | -filename file : set the trace file
   netconf-subsystem -t level | -trace level : set the trace level
   netconf-subsystem -p proto | -protocol proto : set the protocol

The default location for a subsystem log file is in the /tmp directory.

Each session will create a new log file with a new PID number.




E.g., to set the trace level to full:

Subsystem netconf /usr/sbin/netconf-subsystem-pro -trace 3

If you have access to the server source code, then building the netconf-subsystem-pro program will cause the trace level to be set to 3. This program is in the netconf/src/subsys-pro directory.

make DEBUG=1 DEBUG2=1