Input Parameters

The NETCONF <get-config> operation is used for filtered retrieval of configuration data from any datastore.

The NETCONF <get> operation is used for filtered retrieval od any configuration or operational data.

All standard parameters are supported:

  • source (get-config only)
  • filter
  • with-defaults

In addition to these parameters netconfd-pro supports additional filtering parameters not in the NETCONF standard.

These parameters are all optional to use.

  • if-modified-since
  • with-owners
  • depth

if-modified--since Parameter

  • leaf if-modified-since [date-and-time]
    • If this parameter is present, then the server will only process the retrieval request if corresponding 'last-modified' timestamp is more recent than this timestamp. If so, then then retrieval request is processed as normal.  If not, an empty <data> element will be returned.

with-owners Parameter

  • leaf with-owners [empty]
    • Include the 'ywx:owner' attribute in the response for nodes that have stored owner names.  The --save-owners CLI parameter for the server must be set to 'true' for any owner names to be saved.

Example Request using with-owners:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><rpc message-id="6" 
    <with-owners xmlns=""/>

 Example Response using with-owners:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rpc-reply message-id="6" xmlns:ya=""
   ncx:last-modified="2017-02-03T18:29:42Z" ncx:etag="23871"
  <int16.1 ya:owner="andy" xmlns="">10</int16.1>
  <int8.1 ya:owner="andy" xmlns="">1</int8.1>

depth Parameter

  • leaf depth [union: enumeration uint32] [d:unbounded]
    • The 'depth' parameter is used to specify the number of nest levels returned in a response for a GET method.  The first nest-level consists of the requested data node itself. Any child nodes which are contained within a parent node have a depth value that is 1 greater than its parent.