The netconfd-pro server allows SIL and SIL-SA libraries to be loaded at run-time, as well as at boot-time.

The load command allows a YANG module (and all its imports) to be loaded into the server at run-time.

This is a restricted command so only --superuser or NACM enabled users can invoke this command

if --access-control=enforcing is used.

The load-bundle command is similar to the load command except it will load a SIL or SIL-SA bundle

instead of 1 module.  A bundle allows multiple modules that are used together (like a base module

and additional modules that augment the base module).

The unload command allows a module to be unloaded from the server.

Any configuration nodes from the module being unloaded will also be removed.

Note that configuration changes related to the loaded module made and saved to non-volatile storage

will not be recognized at the next reboot unless the configuration file is updated to include this module.

See "What is the --module parameter and how is it used" for guidance on updating your config file.