Each RESTCONF [RFC8040] operation allows zero or more query parameters to be present in the request URI. The specific parameters that are allowed depends on the resource type, and sometimes the specific target resource used, in the request.

RESTCONF Query Parameters

Used to select the types of data child resources configuration and/or non-configuration) that are returned by the server

depth GET Request limited subtree depth in the reply content
fields GET

Request a subset of the target resource contents

filter GET Boolean notification filter for event stream resources
insert POST/PUT Insertion mode for user-ordered data resources
point POST/PUT Insertion point for user-ordered data resources
start-time GET Replay buffer start time for event stream resources  
stop-time GET Replay buffer stop time for event stream resources
with-defaults GET Control the retrieval of default values

Query parameters can be given in any order. Each parameter can appear at most once in a request URI. A default value may apply if the parameter is missing. If vendors define additional query parameters, they should use a prefix (such as the enterprise or organization name) for query parameter names in order to avoid collisions with other parameters.