The read-only environment variable $YUMAPRO_RUNPATH specifies the path to search for scripts.

When starting yangcli-pro using the --runpath parameter specifies the directory search path to use while searching for script files. It consists of a colon (':') separated list of path specifications, commonly found in Unix, such as the $PATH environment variable.This parameter overrides the $YUMAPRO_RUNPATH environment variable, if it is present.

Also the sub-directory "scripts" appended to the read-only environment variable $YUMAPRO_HOME, i.e. $YUMAPRO_HOME/scripts, is searched for yangcli-pro script files.

* Search order:
* 1) current directory or absolute path
* 2) YUMAPRO_RUNPATH environment var (or set by runpath CLI var)
* 3) HOME/scripts directory
* 4) YUMAPRO_HOME/scripts directory
* 5) YUMAPRO_INSTALL/scripts directory
* 6) start-dir/scripts