YumaPro SDK vs. Open Source

The graph below outlines some key enhancements and features developed by YumaWorks since forking from OpenYuma in 2011. Users of OpenYuma migrating to YumaPro SDK won’t have to rewrite their existing YANG module (SIL) code.

Main features added since YumaPro SDK forked from OpenYuma:

- stability and technical support: 100s of bugs fixes; 24/7 support available. OpenYuma has little activity on its support forum.

- redesigned for multi-protocol support:



  • Call Home

  • gNMI

  • SNMP

  • CLI

- transaction engine redesigned to prune unneeded validation tests, resulting in huge commit performance improvement

- support for multiple distributed sub-agents

- multi-threaded support to allow concurrent sessions

- syslog and other logging improvements

- redesigned to support multiple encoding formats (XML and JSON so far)

- YANG compiler and SIL code generation handles augment correctly

- Full 1:n Active/Standby High Availability for netconfd-pro servers with YP-HA

- many more standards implemented

A more in-depth look at YumaPro SDK's features can be found here:


A feature comparison graph showing what YumaWorks has added since forking from Open Yuma can be found here: