It is very easy to upgrade from 17.10 to 19.10 or 18.10 to 19.10.

YumaWorks follows the following strict programming rules that ensure backward compatibility with existing server behaviour

  • No API Changes: Customer facing API functions are never changed. Instead, new variants are added over time as needed.
  • No CLI Changes: Existing CLI parameters are almost never changed. If a CLI parameter has been found to cause operational problems, it might be changed in a future release. 
  • Deprecation before Removal: In the rare case where an existing API or CLI parameter is removed, it will be marked as "deprecated" for at least a year before removal.

If your current release version is 17.10, refer to Upgrading to YumaPro SDK 18.10 first.

The following changes apply to the YumaPro SDK 19.10 release train:

  • Several data structures now use the attribute(packed) property to reduce memory usage.
    This change can cause ASAN (AddressSanitizer) errors for "undefined" alignment issues.
    Use the NO_YPACK=1 make flag to turn off this struct and enum packing behavior.
    This may be required on target architectures other than x86 (i586 and amd64)

The following new features are added to the YumaPro SDK 19.10 release train:

New server source make flags:

  • NO_YPACK=1

New netconfd-pro CLI Parameters:

  • --event-stream
  • --event-stream-map
  • --with-nmda

New netconfd-pro operations:

  • <get-data>

New yangcli-pro commands:

  • sget-data
  • xget-data

New yangdump-sdk CLI parameters

  • --sil-nmda

New YANG extensions:

  • ywx:xpath-operational-ok

Refer to the CLI Parameter List for details on parameters added to each release train.