The --startup-factory-file parameter specifies the file to use to load into the running configuration at boot-time under the following conditions:

  1. first-time boot and no configuration file found
  2. --factory-startup CLI option used
  3. server is in a factory default restart (--running-error=fallback or --startup-error=fallback)

The default is to check the data path for the file factory-startup-cfg.xml. Specifies the file name of the boot-time configuration.  The server expects this to be an XML configuration file. Unless a path specification is included, the $YUMAPRO_DATAPATH environment variable or --datapath parameter will be used to search for the specified file name.  No '.xml' extension will be added.  The exact file name will be used instead.

If the startup-factory-file parameter is set and the filespec is not found then the server will exit with an error. If the default filespec is not found then an empty datastore will be used to load the running configuration datastore at boot-time.

The startup-factory-file parameter can be invoked via the command line when starting netconfd-pro:

user@system> netconfd-pro --startup-factory-file=/home/fred/startups/X22-factory-startup-cfg.xml

or configured in netconfd-pro's configuration file, located by default at /etc/yumapro/netconfd-pro.conf:

#### leaf startup-factory-file
# The full or relative filespec of the factory startup
# config file to use. If the --factory-startup parameter
# is used, or no startup file is specified or found,
# then the server will look for this filespec. If found,
# then it will copied to the startup config file used to
# load the server.
# startup-factory-file factory-startup-cfg.xml

startup-factory-file "~/startups/X22-factory-startup-cfg.xml"