The module parameter for netconfd-pro specifies a YANG or YIN source module name to load at startup.

The server will attempt to load the specified module and its corresponding server instrumentation library (SIL).

If this string represents a filespec, ending with the .yang or .yin extension, then only that file location will be checked.
If this string represents a module name, then the module search path (modpath) will be checked for a file the .yang or .yin extension.

If this string begins with a '~' character, then a username is expected to follow or a directory separator character '/'. If it
begins with a '$' character, then an environment variable name is expected to follow. 

~/some/path ==> <my-home-dir>/some/path

~fred/some/path ==> <fred-home-dir>/some/path

$workdir/some/path ==> <workdir-env-var>/some/path

If you start your string with a character in this way then you must enter the complete filespec, including .yang. If instead you simply provide a module name as your string value, then the YUMAPRO_MODPATH will be searched for the named module.

The module parameter can be invoked via the command line when starting netconfd-pro. This command instructs netconfd-pro to load module45.yang from the user's Dev/YANG directory:

user@system> netconfd-pro --module=~/Dev/YANG/module45.yang

This command instructs netconfd-pro to load module45 from somewhere in the YUMAPRO_MODPATH. Please see the Solution How do I control where YANG modules are found by netconfd-pro server and yangcli-pro client? for more info on the YUMAPRO_MODPATH environment variable:

user@system> netconfd-pro --module=module45

The module parameter can also configured in the configuration file of netconfd-pro, default location is /etc/yumapro/netconfd-pro.conf:

#### leaf-list module
#  Specify a module that the server should load at boot-time
#  e.g., module test2
#        module test3
# no default for module
module module45
module module48
module module51