The max-sessions parameter for netconfd-pro specifies the maximum number of sessions that

can be active at the same time. Setting the value to "0" dictates that there is no limit. The range

of possible values is 0 through 1024.

The max-sessions parameter can be invoked via the command line when booting netconfd-pro:

user@system> netconfd-pro --max-sessions=12

or configured in the /etc/yumapro/netconfd-pro.conf file:

#### leaf max-sessions
# Specifies the maximum number of concurrent sessions
# that can be active at one time.  The value 0 indicates
# that no artificial session limit should be used.
# range [0 .. 1024]
# max-sessions 0

max-sessions 12

The default value for the max-sessions parameter is "8".