The deviation parameter for netconfd-pro identifies a YANG module

that should only be checked for deviation statements for external

modules. These will be collected and applied to the real module(s) 

being  processed.

Deviations are applied as patches to the target module. Since they

are not identified in the target module at all (ala imports), they have
to be specified explicitly, so they will be correctly processed.
Zero or more instances of the deviation parameter are allowed.

The deviation parameter can be invoked via the command line when booting netconfd-pro:

user@system>netconfd-pro --deviation=foo --deviation=foo1

or configured in the /etc/yumapro/netconfd-pro.conf file:

#### leaf-list deviation
#  Specifies a YANG module to use as a source of deviations
# e.g. deviation project-X-deviations
# no default for deviation
deviation foo
deviation foo1