The --allowed-user parameter for netconfd-pro specifies a user or users permitted to access the server via network management sessions. If any configured then the user(s) name must be in this list, unless the user is the superuser account. Zero or more allowed-users can be specified, and there are no allowed-users by default.

The allowed-user parameter can be set via the command line when starting netconfd-pro:

user@system> netconfd-pro --allowed-user=john

or configured in the /etc/yumapro/netconfd-pro.conf file:

#### leaf-list allowed-user
#  Name of a user that is allowed to have access to
#  the server via network management sessions.
#  If any configured then the user name must be in this list,
#  unless the user is the superuser account.
#    type nt:NcxName
# no default for allowed-user
allowed-user john